Porsche Design Smartphone For Your Cellphone Wet Dreams!

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Conceptual plans are awesome especially if they promise you the moon! Here is what André luring you with, a Porsche Design Smartphone that is in slick aluminum, and a huge clean multi touch screen. The speaker is hidden out of sight between the glass and the aluminum body, to increase its aesthetic appeal and sound enhancement. The line at the bottom is the home and navigation button and the aluminum volume controls are housed to the left side.

A Quick video access button is hosted at the right side of the phone, giving you easy access to making great home videos. The back sports a dual camera system. You can use only one of the cams to take 5Mp photos and shoot 720p HD video with stereo sound quality, plus use the dual camera system to record 3D video and pictures. And of course, for low light situations there is a LED flash included!
Other specs include Android based system with custom apps developed by André. A 3,5mm audio jack and a sleep button on the top, and on the bottom there’s the battery charger and USB connecter as well.
All good on paper…like I said, a wet dream for the techie-lover in you!

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